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Hey Buddy? Need some help?

Hey Buddy? Need some help? That's why the uBuddies are going to be at Codegarden 2019, to help you, yes you!


3,2,1 UBUDDY!

Codegarden 2019 is introducing a buddy scheme. Past attendees of Codegarden have volunteered to buddy up with first timers. This blog introduces three more uBuddies!


Are you a buddy to?

Not one but two uBuddies being introduced this week. 

John Seto

uBuddy - John Seto

The next uBuddy to be introduced is John Seto.

Dirk De Grave

Hey! uBuddy!

Introducing a new uBuddy between now and Codegarden, our first uBuddy profile is Dirk De Grave.

Peter Ochieng

Peter Ochieng

Peter Ochieng is the latest member to join the Community Corner

Amrit Gurung

Amrit Gurung

Amrit Gurung is the latest member to join the Community Corner

Niels Swimberghe

Niels Swimberghe

Niels Swimberghe is the latest member of the Umbraco Community to be welcomed to the Community Corner. 


Jeroen Vantroyen

Welcome to our newest member of the Community Corner - Jeroen Vantroyen

Siân Wynne Evans

Siân Evans

Community Corner with Siân Evans