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Code on a screen

White screen on umbraco backoffice after an upgrade

Have you ever upgraded the Umbraco CMS and then been greated with a white screen when you try and access the backoffice?

404 errors with RJP.MultiUrlPicker in Umbraco Backoffice

The other day I ran in to an issue where after installing RJP.MultiUrlPicker on an Umbraco 7.9.2 website. Every time I tried to use the url picker within a Document Type I got the following error - Request error: The Url returned a 404 (not found) /App_Plugins/RJP.MultiUrlPicker/MultiUrlPicker.html Initially I thought I had a failed install so I uninstalled and reinstalled R ...

High 5 You Rock!

The time has come

This is it! The final uBuddies blog before Codegarden 19 kicks off! 

It's almost time for Codegarden

It's the final countdown

With a week to go it's time to introduce some more uBuddies who will be at Codegarden to welcome you and be there if you need them

Not long now! Introducing some more buddies!

Another installment of the uBuddy series of blogs. This week I introduce, Callum, Nik and Dave.

Hey Buddy? Need some help?

Hey Buddy? Need some help? That's why the uBuddies are going to be at Codegarden 2019, to help you, yes you!


Codegarden uBuddys

Introducing 3 more Umbraco Codegarden uBuddies.


3,2,1 UBUDDY!

Codegarden 2019 is introducing a buddy scheme. Past attendees of Codegarden have volunteered to buddy up with first timers. This blog introduces three more uBuddies!


Are you a buddy to?

Not one but two uBuddies being introduced this week.