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Umbraco MVPs

Kenn Jacobsen

Umbraco MVP - Kenn Jacobsen

Kenn Jaconbsen is a new Umbraco MVP for 2019-20 but he is no stranger to the Pull request team!

Umbraco MVP - Lars-Erik Aabech

A blog about Umbraco MVP Lars-Erik

Umbraco MVP - Marcin Zajkowski

Kicking off 2020 with an Umbraco MVP who you may recognise from UmbraCoffee

Umbraco MVP - Janae Cram

Janae is part of the team from and is based in the USA.

Jan Skovgaard Olsen

Umbraco MVP - Jan Skovgaard Olsen

Grab yourself a coffee and read all about the latest Umbraco MVP to be welcomed in to the Community Corner

Chriztian Steinmeier

Umbraco MVP - Chriztian Steinmeier

The second MVP to join the Community Corner today is Chriztian.

Umbraco MVP - Ravi Motha

Umbraco MVP - Ravi Motha

Today's first entry in to the Community Corner is Ravi Motha

Paul Seal

Umbraco MVP - Paul Seal

Today's MVP is Paul Seal.

Umbraco MVP - Frederik Raabye

The latest edition of the Umbraco MVP series is all about Frederik.

Umbraco MVP - Emma Burstow

The second blog of the day is from Emma Burstow.