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Community Corner

Sorry for the late publishing of this edition of Community Corner. It's been a really busy couple of weeks for me and days have merged in to each other. I've also been thinking about what to do with the Community Corner in the month couple of months. 
It's becoming harder and harder to find new people to interview but this hasn't put me off, it just means it might not be a weekly post. It may become bi-weekly or just on an adhoc basis. 

For now, this will be the final Community Corner of 2018. I'd like to thank everyone who has come forward or nominated someone to be part of this project. It's been great introducing you all to the Umbraco Community. I've had the pleasure of meeting some of you at Umbraco UK Festival and I hope to meet many more of you at future Umbraco events.

I'm still really keen to find new people who want to be involved in the Community and I'm currently chatting with Ilham from Umbraco HQ about a new idea that we will be working together on. I can't say much just now but it's super exciting. 

The new focus for the Community Corner is to go back to basic and to find people who are new to the Community and would like help to boost their profile. To get an introduction to the friendly community and make contacts. 

If you would like a helping hand, please, get in touch either via contact form or you can find me on twitter - @scottishcoder


Today's new member to the Community Corner is sending us on our way to 2019 with a bang. Not just one profile picture but 2 and also some memes! What more could you ask for!! 

Please put your hands together and welcome........

Jeroen Vantroyen in a kilt

Name: Jeroen Vantroyen

Occupation / Where do you work: .Net developer @ The Reference

Twitter handle if you have one? @Kosstamodjan. 
Not actively tweeting yet, I really need to make work of that.

Website, if you have one?

Extremely recently (like, 1 week ago), I started a 2nd blog (the first is not work-related), about Umbraco. I felt the need to write down my ramblings, especially about the technical difficulties I had been experiencing on my latest project.

Maybe not as much in hope of actually providing useful information, but to take my first step in the Umbraco Community. And of course, you’re all welcome to contradict my findings :)

Short introduction about you.

I turned 40 this year, feeling a bit old now. Living with my girlfriend, that I met at work (#H5YR TheReference! :) ). Have a 7 year old daughter.

I’ve been making websites for almost 20 years now, have seen a lot of technologies come and go. Started in good old ASP - before .Net existed - switched to Java for about 6 years, then to .Net (C#).

I like databases and performance tuning in general. The faster it responds, the happier I get.

Little under 20 years behind a desk (and not doing any sports) has ruined my back, so last year I started Crossfit and I am starting to make progress (less back pain, but more muscle aches :) ).

Do I hear the start of #cgCrossfit in the (literal) footsteps of #cgRunners?

Off work, I like building scale models (although I’ve been inactive for almost a year now). Interested parties may check out (my other blog) to discuss techniques or just say hi.
The latest hobby I started was drone racing, but last time the darned thing tried swimming and I’m now gathering courage (and building up skill) to try and repair it.


How did you first hear about Umbraco?

After 3 years developing in Sitecore, the higher-ups realized I needed a new challenge and switched me to the recently-started Umbraco team. I certified in January 2018, but it took until June to get some hands-on experience. Having worked with several other CMS’s in the past – and of course, Umbraco’s friendly interface and community - I adapted quickly.



What are you currently doing with Umbraco?

Finished moving an existing multi-language site from Sitecore to Umbraco, I assist on several other projects (all Umbraco Cloud) and am currently 95% finished with a POC project using Umbraco Headless.


When I say 'Umbraco Community' what first comes to mind? 

At the risk of sounding like all preceding Community Corner introductions : helpfulness, friendliness, … More than a few of the people I’ve met so far seem to have at least one screw missing, which is exactly the way I like my peers.


What would you like to see more of in the Umbraco Community?

Hmm, I can find documentation, packages and friendly advice in abundance, so no problem there.

I do sometimes feel overwhelmed and uncertain which solution is the best for my specific problem. Grid, Nested Content, Stacked Content, … and no doubt many variations/alternatives I haven’t discovered yet.
If there’s a way to get quick access to all do’s and don’ts? I like to pick brains.


Guilty pleasure? (Food? Tech? Music?)

Junk food or maybe just food in general :)

Grey’s Anatomy, So you think you can dance? among the more frowned upon TV-shows.

Love Science-Fiction (big Star Trek fan) and Fantasy, both for watching and reading. Currently reading all books of Brandon Sanderson, before that all of John Scalzi and Trudi Canavan.

Listening to music : Powerwolf, Rammstein, In This Moment, Motionless in White, … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Favourite website that you couldn't live without?

Youtube, definitely! I prefer it over Spotify, as its random suggestions tend to be more to my liking.


If you could ask Umbraco HQ one thing, what would it be?

One thing? Hmm …

I’d like to see

  • V8 (yeah, adding to the pressure)
  • Umbraco Deploy on premise
  • Content Transfer in Umbraco Headless

Anything else you'd like to say? 


About the author



Owain is an Umbraco MVP, an Umbraco certified master and works on Umbraco projects on a daily basis. When not coding, he enjoys running, spending time with his wife and building lego! 

He is also a GitKraken ambassador and helps look after the website.

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