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This week, we have a Scotland based member of the Community Corner. A music geek with an interested in voice technology. 

He also wins the prize for the most links within a Community Corner post :) 

Please welcome the latest member to the Community Corner.........

Alexander Bergström

Alexander Bergström

Alexander Bergström

I work with Insights, Google Analytics and SEO at Equator, a digital agency in Glasgow.

How long have you been using Umbraco?
Since the start of this year, but I started using it more this summer.

Twitter handle if you have one:

Short introduction about you.
I’m from Sweden originally but moved to Scotland 5 years ago to pursue my ambition to become
a digital marketer. Been interested in all things web and marketing since I was 15. I am a bit of a
music geek as well to be honest, I love playing guitar, going to gigs, DJing at parties and doing
that kind of thing…
Really interested in voice technology. Last December, me and my younger brothers started
Sweden’s first website dedicated to voice assistants called

Last year, my friend Martin convinced me to try and make my own
Alexa skill, which led to the creation of “Fab Music Quiz”, a quiz app for Amazon Echo about my
favourite band, The Beatles.

What are you currently doing with Umbraco?
I am investigating Umbraco and what it can do, mainly as a CMS right know as I am using it on
both clients and friends websites.
I am curious about integrations with other technologies such as voice assistants. Carole Logan
wrote a good blog post on this topic last year actually.

Why are you using Umbraco?
I see a huge value in learning as much as I can about Umbraco, if I ever have to dive into it as a
CMS to make changes to a website or if I have to do some insights or SEO work on an
Umbraco website, the more I know about Umbraco the better.
I also think and I would like to think it will help me bridge any divide that can exist between
developers and marketers that comes down to technical knowledge, knowing the lingo etc....
Basically, I think the more I know the easier it will be to communicate with colleagues who are
developers and vice versa.

I am learning a lot about A/B testing and CRO at work just now, but I would like to move into
coding later this autumn and will be setting up my first Umbraco site soon (any tips appreciated!)

When I say "Umbraco Community" what first comes to mind?
Meetups! I will never forget by my first Umbraco meetup which actually took place in our office
here at Equator. I also think events such as Codegarden and Codecabin sound absolutely
amazing based on what I have heard at the the Umbraco meetups I have been to so far.

What would you like to see more of in the Umbraco Community?
Probably more of a chat on how to raise awareness and get more people involved with Umbraco.
WordPress gets talked about a lot and is obviously very well established so a good recipe for
success there to try and replicate. Getting more people involved is definitely a good thing and I
think Umbraco meetups and these community features on the blog really help to do just that!

If there was one question you'd like to ask the Umbraco Community, what would it be?
What more can we do to do the above?

Is there anything you found difficult when you first started using Umbraco?
I guess finding my way around the user interface at first and understanding what Umbraco can
do that sets it apart from other CMS’s.
Luckily I know some great people who are into Umbraco who have been really helpful as I have
been getting started on my own Umbraco journey. A big shout out to my friend Ting and also the agency Blue Lead
who introduced me to Umbraco. Also a big thanks to my colleague
Carole at Equator for the amazing work she is doing and for helping the community in organising GLUUG events here in Glasgow.

What's your favourite album to listen to while working on an Umbraco project?

I must say "Out there and back" by Paul van Dyk.

Anything else you'd like to say?
You can find out more about me on where I blog about voice assistants and SEO.
If you have any cool ideas on Umbraco, SEO and Voice Tech, tweet me or drop me a line! More
than happy to swap SEO tips or a free website audit for some Umbraco hacks or tricks :)
Also thought I would mention that we are hiring developers at Equator now

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Owain is an Umbraco MVP, an Umbraco certified master and works on Umbraco projects on a daily basis. When not coding, he enjoys running, spending time with his wife and building lego! 

He is also a GitKraken ambassador and helps look after the website.

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