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It's a new year and a new start for the Community Corner series of blogs. I'm really excited about 2019 and everything that is going on in the Umbraco ecosystem just now. Umbraco V8 is just around the corner and it's packed full of exciting new features. The Meetup scene seems to be growing on a monthly basis and a new virtual meetup kicked off last week with the Umbraco Practitioners. You can watch the meetup back on youtube.

Codegarden isn't far away either and I've just submitted a talk! Nervous but also excited to see whether my talk is accepted or not. 

I'm also working on a site project known as I'll blog more about this in due course. In the meantime, I would like to welcome our newest member to the Community Corner and the first for 2019. 


Niels Swimberghe

Name: Niels Swimberghe

Occupation: Software Developer

How long have you been using Umbraco? 6 months

Twitter handle if you have one: @RealSwimburger

Website, if you have one?

A blog site I've been working on for some months now to experiment with Umbraco.
Whenever I come across something interesting, I try to put it up there :)

There's a lot in the backlog but haven't found the time to put something out there for a little while now. (100% output control in Umbraco is amazing, check out the performance ;)

Short introduction about you.

Born and raised in Belgium where I studied New Media and Communication Technology (now MCT) at HOWEST.

There I fell into the rabbit hole that is Web and .NET development, it's pretty cosy down here!

I first learned about Umbraco when working at The Reference but didn't get to chance to actually work with it.

Though that was enough of an introduction to dig deeper and start sharing the Umbraco love wherever I can!

I currently do a lot of .NET, SharePoint, PowerShell, and Front-End development at MetroStar Systems.
I'm also trying to share Umbraco here at MetroStar, and the USA as well. 

Not a single .NET developer I've met here ever heard about Umbraco, so there's a long road ahead of us.

What are you currently doing with Umbraco?

Mainly using umbraco for but as awareness spreads, I hope there'll be more opportunities to use Umbraco for customers.

Why are you using Umbraco? 

Free, open-source, and simply amazing for web developers, especially .NET web developers.
The development experience is unparalleled to other CMS's I've worked in. 

With Umbraco the developers abilities are the limit, and not the CMS.

When I say 'Umbraco Community' what first comes to mind? 

A goldmine of information hiding behind a simple Google Bing search.

When working with other (often proprietary) technologies it's often more challenging due to the lack of information outside of the official docs. 
The openness and ease of access to Umbraco and its community stimulated the amount of blogs, forum posts, Stack Overflow questions to be added on top of the official documentation.
If a Google search doesn't suffice, you can ask questions on SO, our umbraco, or simply in the Slack channel.

What would you like to see more of in the Umbraco Community?

Umbraco Cloud only supports Azure EU region, so we are often not able to use UaaS.
More information and documentation for non Umbraco Cloud projects, fe:

  • how to host and deploy them on-prem, IaaS, and PaaS and the challenges that come with that 
  • how to deploy content from one environment to the other

If there was one question you'd like to ask the Umbraco Community, what would it be?

How would you go about raising more awareness in the US?

Is there anything you found difficult when you first started using Umbraco?

Setting up an easy to use developer experience where multiple developers each work on their own git branch + own database and somehow merging the content back together.

What's your favourite album to listen to while working on an Umbraco project?

I'm feeling lucky mix on Google Play or Youtube music, aka I don't know myself :)

If you could ask Umbraco HQ one thing, what would it be?  

Don't forget about non UaaS options (on-prem, IaaS, PaaS), and provide more guidance on how to host Umbraco using these hosting options!

Anything else you'd like to say - this is your chance to say anything you'd like to say that you weren't able to say in the questions. 

Keep doing what you're doing, HQ and Community, Umbraco is awesome thanks to all of you. Thank you for that!

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Owain is an Umbraco MVP, an Umbraco certified master and works on Umbraco projects on a daily basis. When not coding, he enjoys running, spending time with his wife and building lego! 

He is also a GitKraken ambassador and helps look after the website.

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