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Last year we finished things up with a blog from Janae Cram and this year I'll continue to publish more introductions to some of the Umbraco MVPs. 

Today's MVP, like all other MVPs is a well known face in the Umbraco Community but he also hosts UmbraCoffee every Friday with Callum Whyte. If you haven't watched UmbraCoffee, make sure you set a reminder each week as it's a great way to catch up with all things Umbraco related. 


Marcin Zajkowski

Marcin Zajkowski

Marcin Zajkowski

Job Title: Umbraco MVP, Trainer and Master @ Cogworks

MVP Status:

Twitter account:

Website / Blog:

How did you first hear about Umbraco CMS?

I've heard about it during my internship in Microsoft Poland in ~2008.

How long have you been part of the Umbraco community and what do you like / dislike about it?

Actively since my first UK Festival - 2015. I like almost everything about it, I dislike that it's not so popular / big in my area (trying to constantly change it).

Have you been to Codegarden? If yes, what did you think about it, if no, is there any reason why?

YESSSSS! It's my solid yearly "holiday" which I literally love. Great time within great, like-minded people. Ton of knowledge, fun and time with friends (old and new).

How did it feel when you received the notification that you were being awarded an MVP award?

For the first time - I was thrilled, shocked and amazed. I didn't believe it's THIS Niels from who I'm receiving an e-mail. Then I realised that I've done something awesome.. and for the 2nd year, the notificiation was the proof and motivation to continue what I'm doing.

Has being awarded the MVP made you look at things differently / has it changed anything in your day to day life e.g. asked to do more Umbraco talks? Asked more Umbraco questions at your workplace?

As I was already very active, running my meetups in Poland, organising festivals and doing a lot of talks it didn't change in this area too much. I was never "invited" to do talk, I always fighter for the spots too (still doing and probably I'm rejected more often now!). So no. It changed my perspective a little. I thought that I need to be more "ideal" then, but I quickly discovered that I do not. Everyone is the same and equal, everyone makes mistakes and stupid things, so I stayed as I always were - the same.

If you could offer a new member of the community one bit of advice, what would it be?

Share your work, don't be afraid to ask for help, attend events.

Tell us about 1 of your most favourite things whether it's a band, a colour, a bit of software you couldn't live without, an item of clothing, a book, anything but tell us why you love it so much.

Free Time - this is what I love the most now. Time to do hobbies, chill out, travel and recover. I proved I can't live without it and I'm now fighting for it everyday.

What does a typical day look like for you during the working week?

Waking up ~7, sometimes driving my daughter to kindergarten and coming back to prepare a coffee and sit down to work. I usually end up my work around 3-4pm, grabbing my family and we're spending some time together and at the evenings I'm either watching some series with my wife, either prepping some trips and plans for our dreams or simply learning new things and listening/reading to the new books. I'm also splitting my days in parts sometimes to not spend too much time doing my work. Once per week I'm also working on my other bussiness - programming school for children.

What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?

Snowboarding, basketball, travels, books, education and self-improvement.


Anything else you'd like to share with the Umbraco Community?

#h5yr - High Five You Rock

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