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Obsolete Umbraco Property Types.

Yesterday I had a bit of a panic. I was bug fixing something for a client and I changed the property editor from (Obsolete) Media Picker to Media Picker. Clicked save and went to see if that fixed my problem. 

I realised that this was not such a good idea pretty quickly, the Obsolete Media Picker uses the Media ID to find the media however the new Media Picker doesn't. This meant all my code was now actually broken, not just the one component I was trying to fix. 

Ok, no problem, I'll just go back to the Property editor and change it back to the Obsolete media picker, but wait, the Obsolete option isn't there anymore!! 

Panic sets in, the code is bust, the media picker can't be reverted! 

A quick post on the Umbraco Community Slack Channel and tada! Tom Madden comes to the rescue. 

There is a config update that you can make which allows you to see all the Obsolete property editor types! 

You just need to add the following line within the Content section of the umbracoSettings.config file which can be found in the config folder of your project.

Phew! Thanks Tom! 

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Owain is an Umbraco MVP, an Umbraco certified master and works on Umbraco projects on a daily basis. When not coding, he enjoys running, spending time with his wife and building lego! 

He is also a GitKraken ambassador and helps look after the website.

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