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Søren was awarded an Umbraco MVP this year for the first time but he is no stranger to Umbraco. Find out more about Søren in today's MVP edition of the Community Corner.

Søren Gregersen

Soeren Gregersen

Søren Gregersen

Job Title: Developer
MVP Status:

Twitter account:

How did you first hear about Umbraco CMS?

I heard of Umbaco way back when it was in v1~v2

How long have you been part of the Umbraco community and what do you like / dislike about it?

I would say since codegarden '16

Have you been to Codegarden? If yes, what did you think about it, if no, is there any reason why?

Yes, great place to meet the community + great talks

How did it feel when you received the notification that you were being awarded an MVP award?

I didn't believe it at first - but it feels great to have that award knowing what it stands for

Has being awarded the MVP made you look at things differently / has it changed anything in your day to day life e.g. asked to do more Umbraco talks? Asked more Umbraco questions at your workplace?

Not really - got a lot of questions before, got a lot of questions after. The LinkedIn stuff has changed a bit though :)

If you could offer a new member of the community one bit of advice, what would it be?

Get out and meet people. If you are not that social, getting an umbraco-mentor, would be a very good step. Also, use umbraco for whatever you can. Try out everything, break umbraco, extend umbraco. Whatever you do, there is always someone out there that can help you further

Tell us about 1 of your most favourite things whether it's a band, a colour, a bit of software you couldn't live without, an item of clothing, a book, anything but tell us why you love it so much.

All black t-shirt :)

What does a typical day look like for you during the working week?

Morning standup, meetings, coding, time-registering

What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?

I have been trying (for years) to finally get back in to building/flying RC planes


Anything else you'd like to share with the Umbraco Community?

Get involved :)

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