Community Corner

I had planned to get the next Community Corner published sooner than now but better late than never 😀

I have a number of other issues already in the pipeline which I plan to release over the coming weeks but if you or you know someone who would like an introduction to the Umbraco community, please get in touch with me with view Slack, Twitter or drop me an email. 

Anyway, please give a massive High 5, You Rock to the latest member of the Umbraco Community......


Ollie Storey


Who am I and what do I do for a living?

My name is Ollie Storey and I am Head of Support at Cold Banana.

Where can you find me on the internet?

Github: Soon! Once I conquer my crippling impostor syndrome.


Question time! 


If you could interview anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Elon Musk.

He's obviously a very successful and inspirational person but above all else the main reason why I would want to interview him is that he has a vastly different perspective and approach towards his personal and professional life to the 'average person'. It would be interesting to see how his mind works and with any luck I would be able to learn a few things for self improvement. At least, that is what I would tell people.

Really.... I just want to know how I can get my hands on a Neuralink API/SDK and start work on my robot evolution.

What hobbies do you have? 

I love sports, the gym and generally staying active. I am sick of homemade haircuts and burning banana bread so I am really excited to get back on a football pitch or golf course sometime soon.

What's your favourite book?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (I find it very relatable)
The Very Hungry Catepillar

What's your favourite movie?

Good Will Hunting!

If you are in to music, what are you currently listening to?

Anything that Annie Mac plays on the drive home.

If you are currently learning something, what is it?

Tensorflow.js - AI really appeals to me and the possible applications in web.

Golf - I can imagine I will be learning how to play Golf for many many years.

Umbraco related questions

What first interested you in using Umbraco CMS?

My background has always been in .NET and the natural development for an aspiring .NET developer is from the eternal waiting list of game development to web. My journey with Umbraco all started with convenience... You could not ask for a better playground than a free, open source CMS. When it started, I had not anticipated that it would be as long a journey as it has but to be honest, I could not be happier.

How long have you been using Umbraco CMS?

7 years.

If you could change one thing in Umbraco, what would it be?

I would love to see inherited/nested mappings in UmbracoMapper. Unless that's already a thing... 😬 Another change... I am absolutely in love with the new block list editor! But... the developer experience to get these working with live preview/editing is not what I had hoped. It does not compare to the WYSIWYG experience in other CMS's. I would love to see the "out of the box" solution for this, improve over the next few years. And Umbraco Cloud and I have a love, hate relationship.

Do you use any other CMS? How does it compare to Umbraco CMS?

Sitecore, Kentico, Episerver. Umbraco is my honest favourite. I always describe it as a sandbox (which can also be a curse). Umbraco allows you to build, develop and distribute incredibly beautiful and complex web applications. Umbraco also allows you to build, develop and distribute delicate tagliatelle. But it is that relationship which makes it so exciting.

What packages do you use regularly?

FontAwesomeIconPack | Chris Houston, Miguel Lopez, Søren Kottal And of course.... uSync | Kevin Jump These two packages are an absolute staple in all of my Umbraco builds. #H5YR.

Do you build packages? If so, which ones?

I have one I am working on at the moment!!

Anything you would like to share with the Umbraco Community? 

Watch this space 😀

Ollie Storey

Published on: 08 April 2021