January meetup

Edinburgh Umbraco Users Group

Last night EDINBUUG welcomed a group of fantastic people to their virtual meetup.

Due to the fact that Meetup.com doesn't allow for discussions / comments that are longer than 700 characters, I thought I write a quick blog and share all the links and packages that we chatted about.

We kicked the meetup off at 6:30pm with a round of introductions and as I was hosting the event this month, I asked all the attendees to mention one fact about themselves that we might not know.

Answers ranged from being Employee of the month when they worked at McDonalds to ....

We then went through some of the latest Umbraco news:

Umbraco HQ New Years Reception

  • Launch vNext Hosting for Umbraco Cloud - March
  • Launch Deploy on Premise - March
  • New Regional Hosting Options - June
  • Launch Umbraco CMS .NET Core - August
  • Future Proofing the Back-Office - Starting
  • Codegarden 2021 - Going virtual

Packages of Interest

Cookiebot CMP Dashboard

Igloo Theme 3.0

Update Umbraco Search Extensions

XStatic for Umbraco (beta)

Vendr 1.5.0 RC



Community Updates

Umbr.Coach launched - Umbraco Mentor program

I'm relaunching Community Corner and currently on the look for new members of the Umbraco Community to interview. If you're interested, give me a shout.

Skrift.io are always looking for new authors

Glasgow Umbraco Meetup is Feb 16th

UmbracoTees day is Jan 29th

UmbraCoffee is every Friday at 11:30am UK on Youtube.

Demo time

We had a demo from uSkinned showing their new version of their uSkinned product which will be released very soon.

We had a demo from Carl Sargunar showing us how to setup Umbraco Core nightly builds on a Raspberry Pi! If this interests you, check out his instruction on Github

General Chat

At the end of the night we opened the floor for any general chat and a couple of items came up

Umbraco RFCs

Build automation using Nuke.build

Tailwind CSS

Edinburgh .Net Meetup has relaunched

All in all it was a busy evening!

We are now looking for speakers for March's meetup. If you have something you'd like to share with the community, please get in touch either via twitter @Edinbuug or drop us a message via Meetup.com

Published on: 28 January 2021