Community Corner

Codegarden 2021 Speaker

The Community Corner is taking a slightly different angle over the coming days. I will be highlighting some of the speakers who will be presenting at Codegarden next week. 

The first person to be interviewed is Luke Fribbens.


Luke Fribbens

Who am I and what do I do for a living?

My name is Luke Fribbens and I am Founder & MD at Cold Banana

Cold Banana are an Umbraco Gold Partner and Award winning agency based in Bournemouth, England.

Where can you find me on the internet?


Twitter: @_cold_banana_

Question time! 

Have you attended Codegarden before?
Yes I have attended it before, we went out to Odense, Denmark for the last one (pre-COVID) and had a great time. The speakers at the event were really knowledgeable and you walked away from each session with new insight from a mix of topics. I always enjoy the sense of community from the conference. We're very excited to hear from other agencies this year and really look forward to the next in-person event.

How did you first hear about Codegarden?

When I started using Umbraco, I used Umbraco 3 and wasn't very involved in the community. Umbraco 7 added a dashboard that allowed them to share marketing material directly with people using the platform. I first heard of Codegarden through the marketing material on that dashboard.

What made you apply to be a speaker at Codegarden?

I have been using Umbraco since version 3, and hold the title of Umbraco Master. With a drive to share my knowledge, both from a technical and entrepreneurial perspective, I take an active role with local universities running seminars, working with interns and even being a judge on occasion.

Name of your Codegarden talk?

Campaign Builder with Umbraco Content Apps

It will be on STAGE 2 on Friday 11th June at 15.15 — 30 min

A brief description of your talk, why should people come and watch your talk?

So my talk is mainly focused around a built in Campaign Builder Tool for Umbraco. We built the tool for global brand that run campaigns differently around the world and we had to create a solution which worked for all. I also touch on the user of content apps within Umbraco, why they are useful and certain pitfalls with them.

What do you enjoy doing in your space time? (Hobbies, time with the family etc)

Spending time with my family, I’m trying to get back into playing petanque (French boules), which is what I used to represent Great Britain in. But I slightly fear I’m not as good as I used to be. I spend a lot of my spare time working on pet projects and coming up with new business ideas... and trying to play golf.

What was the last book you read?

Zero to One by Peter Thiel - truly inspirational read.

What was the last song / album you listened to?

I'm a big fan of Rag 'n' Bone Man and his new album.

If you could interview anyone in history, who would it be and why?

He might not be historic yet, but Brian Chesky - the founder of Airbnb. I love their business model and their story to success.

Published on: 04 June 2021