Using Project Directories

I've been using GitKraken for a number of years and it was only today that I found a really nice feature which has been staring me right in the face all this time. 

Project Directories.

I have 2 directories on my laptop that I save all my git repos in. I have a "personal" and "work" directory. They are pretty self explanatory, they keep my personal projects and my work projects separate.

While working on a work project today I noticed the button on the "open repo" screen that said Project Directories, I decided to click it to see what it did. I had just presumed that it was a feature I didn't need, I was wrong! 

The screencast below shows you where the link is :

Once clicked, I point GitKraken to either of my directories and then it shows you all my directories within that folder. What I really like is GitKraken then remembers these two folders so I can get to the repos much quicker! 

Much quicker than clicking "Open a repository" which opens up a dialog box and then I need to navigate to the folder. 

It's maybe only a couple of seconds I'm saving but when working on a lot of projects in one day, all those seconds add up! 

Like the look of this? Why not give GitKraken a go - it's free to download.

Published on: 07 July 2022