Visual Studio Code

A favourite shortcut

I use a mixture of Visual Studio 2022 and Visual Studio Code on a daily basis. Visual Studio 2022 is usually when I'm working on client projects and Visual Studio Code if I want a quick look at a file or maybe open up a folder that I keep snippets in. 

I find myself on a regular basis opening up Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and then going to File > Open Folder > Then having to navigate to the folder where I keep all my code snippets in. 

There must be a quicker way of doing this, I thought to myself and after a quick search I found there is and I wasn't the first person to think this. 

Someone asked if there was an extension or something available for VSCode and someone replied, just press


this brings up a menu of recent files / folders you have been working on. 

Since my snippet folder is used on a regular basis it was sitting right there waiting for me! Perfect! 

What I also like is you can start typing the folder/file name within that menu and it filters down what you are looking for. Even better. 



Published on: 12 July 2022