A content app for Umbraco 9

Yesterday, 1st March, I launched my first content app called ocTweetThis. It's been a side project of mine for a number of months now and I'll be writing more about how I built the content app very soon. In the meantime here is a bit of information about the Content App. 

It's currently in beta because a) It's my first Content App and I'm sure there could well be some bugs in there, b) I know there are a number of improvements I want to add to it and c) I just wanted to get it out there for people to see. 

What does it do?

It allows you to create a tweet for a specific page on your site. 

Illustration of ocTweetThis

On each page you get a Tweet This icon and then you can create a tweet and send it to twitter. The tweet will include a link back to the page you just tweeted from, great for promoting a blog post for example.

Once the tweet has been successfully sent, you also get to see a publish history on the node so that you can see if someone else has already tweeted about this page. 

What's next?

I've plans to allow for an image to be attached to a tweet and I'd like the make the dashboard a bit nicer, it looks a bit rubbish just now 😂

The package is also open source so anyone else can contribute to it if they want. 

If you'd like to download and try the app, you can get it from my GitHub repo and there are setup instructions available there too.


Published on: 02 March 2022