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Using Tags to create 'topic' pages in Umbraco

Using Umbraco 7, Eventhandlers and Tag property types to create a new page when a user saves and publishes a page. 

Published: 24 Feb 21

Change 3000 nodes to a new template

I show you a quick way to change the template used by any given DocumentType within Umbraco

Published: 22 Feb 21

Placeholder Tokens

How I took a solution, shared it with my team and learned how to improve on it.

Published: 01 Feb 21

What was discussed at EDINBUUG?

Umbraco News, Packages and two great demos

Published: 28 Jan 21

Time since published in a C# Extension method

An extension method that shows how long ago the content was published in minutes, hours, days and months

Published: 14 Jan 21