Owain Williams

Hey there! I'm Owain, and I'm a developer from the beautiful city of Edinburgh in the heart of Scotland. My journey into the world of coding began at a tender age, and I've been hooked ever since. I honed my skills by pursuing a degree in Software Engineering at Napier University.

Since donning that cap and gown, I've had the privilege of working as a web developer in diverse settings, including roles within the NHS, local government, a charming independent hotel chain, and at several digital agencies. Each experience has been a unique chapter in my coding adventure.

One of the highlights of my journey has been receiving the Umbraco MVP award for the past six years running. Being recognized by the Umbraco community has been an absolute honor, and it's a community I'm deeply passionate about.

But hey, life isn't all about coding! When I'm not immersed in lines of code, you'll often find me indulging in a bit of LEGO building, which has become my go-to relaxation therapy. And, if I'm not assembling bricks, I'm likely out for a long-distance run. From a mile to infinity – I'm yet to find my running limit!

On the personal front, I'm happily married to my incredible wife, Mandy. Our little family is completed by Toby, a Romanian rescue dog who's brought immeasurable joy into our lives.

If you're eager to connect or just want to follow along with my adventures, you can catch me on Instagram, Mastodon, or the Umbraco Discord channel. Feel free to check out the links in the footer!

A photo of Owain infront of his lego display