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So you want to know more about Owain?

Owain has been using Umbraco since 2014 on personal websites but since August 2017 he has been working with it daily as part of his job at LEWIS in Edinburgh. He a Technical Developer and is part of the Umbraco team. He enjoys being an active Umbraco community member and can be found on twitter under the username @scottishcoder.

2018 was a busy year for Owain. He became a certified Umbraco master after attending a week of training in Glasgow, he submitted his first Pull Request to the Umbraco CMS and has had many Pull Requests merged in to the Umbraco documentation. 

He also attended his first CodeGarden and really enjoyed himself. The highlight was being awarded an MVP award. This is something he never expected and was humbled to receive. 

Since then, he has had his Umbraco MVP award renewed for a second year and has also became an ambassador for GitKraken. He is also the costodian of the open source project High 5, You Rock (H5YR)

When not coding, Owain is a keen runner. He runs all distances from 1 mile to ultra marathons..



Umbraco Certified Master