Travelling to a conference

This week I'm heading to London to attend Umbraco UK Festival. There is a hackathon on the Thursday and then the main event is on the Friday. 

I always have the same dilemma when packing to go to a conference, what do I need to pack. 

The essentials are : 

  • Laptop and charger - for the hackathon
  • Clothes, obviously
  • Washbag with toothbrush, deodorant etc. but keep everything smaller than 100ml so I can go on with hand luggage since I'm flying
  • Phone charger and phone
  • Headphones

That should do me, however, I also like to get a run in while I'm away so I'll also pack

  • Running shoes
  • Running clothes, tshirts, shorts, socks, jacket (depending on the forecast)

Then on top of that, I also like to take a couple of non-essentials such as 

  • Reusable coffee cup - really like my Hunu cup!
  • A lego minifig or two, because, well, why not?!

Every time I travel I try and get everything packed a little bit lighter but somehow I always manage to have a bag bulging at the seams! 

The one thing I am never sure about is, do I use my laptop to take notes while listening to talks or do I take a pad and pen. Pad and pen is lighter to carry around with me but laptop means I have all my notes typed up. 

I like to have everything on my mobile e.g. Travel tickets, bank cards etc. That helps with travelling a bit lighter and as long as my phone is charged then I'm all good. 

Some additional things to keep in mind - Thanks to @Umb.FYI for the ideas: 

  • Bring comfy shoes with you, it can be a long day and even though you'll be sitting to watch all the presentations, you are likely to be standing and chatting to people. 
  • Network - There will be lots of time to network with others and everyone will be super friendly. Try and speak with people you wouldn't normally, especially if you are a regular to these events. 
  • If you have stickers that you want to share, bring them, it's a great way to start a conversation

If you have any travel tips / hacks, reach out to me on social media.

*Updated 01/11/2023 

Published on : 30 October 2023