Where is the Umbraco Community?

Since Elon Musk took over X (formally Twitter) there has been a change. Twitter used to be my main source of Umbraco news. I could pop on at any time of the day and find a thread of tweets that would peak my interest. Umbracians all chatting to each other and sharing their thoughts and experiences. It still seems to be happening but not as much and key members of the Umbraco Community have either moved away or are now just lurking.

People are moving away from X and joining Mastodon, Threads, Bluesky, Facebook groups or Discord. This is diluting the info and really spreading everyone all over the internet.

Take myself for example. I am still on Twitter but I am also on Mastodon and Discord, I am on Threads but never posted.

Mastodon is still really quiet and not much Umbraco chat, Discord has the members, over 1000, but it's not got the same feeling of old twitter.

Discord feels like you need to be on it all the time to keep up, which isn't really ideal when you have a fully time job etc. Mastodon could be a good replacement but not enough people have joined and X just has so much rubbish content that it makes it hard to actually find anything, plus with TweetDeck being made a Premium service you can't follow hashtags as easily.

Umbraco isn't the only online community that I've found this happening to. The .Net community is also going that way. Some people are staying on Twitter, others are moving to other platforms.

Could X come back and be what it used to be? I don't think so. I think Musk has done too much damage. People are leaving simply because he is the CEO and people are also leaving just because their feeds are full of rubbish.

I really wish there was a solution just around the corner. I miss the online communities and getting to know people via a social platform.

It's party why I haven't left X completely, there are still people on there that I want to keep in contact with.

Anyone else missing the good ole days?

Here are a list of all the Umbraco Community groups that I am aware of :

Photo by Belle Co

Published on : 13 September 2023