Umbraco 14 Beta - first impressions

I thought it might be useful to post about my first impressions or more preciously, the issues I ran in to when installing the latest Umbraco 14 Beta, which was released this week. 

nuget source didn't update

dotnet new install Umbraco.Templates::14.0.0-beta001 --nuget-source

running the above command didn't, for some reason, add the nuget source to my sources and so when I then ran

dotnet new umbraco --force -n "MyProject" --friendly-name "Test" --email "" --password 'test123456' --development-database-type LocalDB

I got an error saying that umbraco 14.0.0 beta wasn't found. The template had been added but not the source. To fix it, I had to manually add the source in to Visual Studio within the nuget manager.

visual studio upgrade

Once I had the project installed, I couldn't build the project because I didn't have the latest version of Visual Studio, which has .Net SDK8 installed in it. This is needed to run the new version of Umbraco. I was running Visual Studio 17.7.3 and had to upgrade to 17.8.7

file path was too long!

Now that I could get the project to build, I then got another error that indiciated that the file path was too long! This was to do with a file asset folder that is within the new backoffice. To fix this, Warren Buckley came to the rescue. He pointed me to a powershell script that needs to be run. The script needs admin privileges within powershell terminal to run and also needs a system restart but after that. Everything should work.

New-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem" `
-Name "LongPathsEnabled" -Value 1 -PropertyType DWORD -Force

After I got past these issues, the site spun up and I could log in.

Published on : 07 March 2024